Green Cooking- simple ways to green-up your cooking

What is Green Cooking?
Green Cooking outlines simple ways that you can cook in greener (more environmentally friendly) ways in your own kitchen. You'll find ways to cut down on energy consumption in the kitchen. In turn, you'll not only save money on your energy bills, you'll also benefit by knowing that you'll be releasing far less carbon than you used to, and that the air you'll breathe in your city will be cleaner. We've all got to change the way we live in order to help save the planet. So browse our articles for interesting ways you can change the way you run your kitchen at home.

Add your ideas to this wiki site. Share creative ways to save energy in the kitchen. To add a new page, first create a link, then you'll be able to click it and create some content for your page about saving energy in the kitchen.

Read about Vacuum Flask Cooking, Hayboxes, and Solar Cookers and more.

Start cooking greener now.

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