Solar Cooker Photos

Several types of solar cookers exist. Here are photos of some of them. As with most solar cookers, always wear eye protection to protect your vision from the extremely bright light that cookers can create.

Box cooker

Box cookers contain the heat inside an insulated box with a glass top. Reflective collectors push the suns rays into the box. This box reaches temps of up to 325F.


See photos of the design of this box cooker

Parabolic Mirror

Parabolic mirrors or shapes reflect light from the sun onto the cooking surface. This homemade parabolic is heating water until boiling. The homemade tripod is holding the pot in place.
Product Review and Demo: Solar Sizzler parabolic cooker


Fresnel Lens

A fresnel lens concentrates the sunlight into a focused point. This typical fresnel can create so much heat that it can boil water or cook food. It can start a fire on straw or hay within less than ten seconds.

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